This page provides scholarship and trade readings, videos, and examples for those interested in journalism, advertising, and public relations. (Some readings can be found through FIU Libraries Communication and Mass Media Complete database.)

Camera Apps





Using virtual reality to avoid catastrophe

UN using virtual reality to build empathy, catalyze change

What if virtual reality can make us better citizens?

How The Atlantic uses an underwriter model to fund video projects

Google News Lab and Knight Foundation launch effort to help journalists experiment with immersive storytelling


360 Narratives Facebook group (public)

Virtual reality, 360 video and the future of immersive journalism

Video vs. flat video: A case study

Knight Foundation report addresses opportunities and challenges in virtual reality journalism

Virtual reality society (basics)

Virtual reality pioneer Nonny de la Peña charts the future of VR journalism

Journalism: How one university used virtual worlds to tell true stories

Niblock S. (2015). From the high group to the swamp: A model for immersive journalism research. Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, 4(2), 223-237.

New York Times/GE ‘The nature of industry’ virtual reality experience

Let’s break tradition: Virtual reality in public relations

Covering Miami’s rising seas: Sensors, public data and politics

Dowd, C. (2016). The new order of news and social media enterprises: Visualisations, linked data, and new methods and practices in journalism. Communication Research and Practice, 2(1), 97-110.

What does virtual reality mean for advertising in 2016?

Immersive journalism: Immersive journalism virtual reality for the first-person experience of news

Virtual reality: Advertising’s next big thing?

Huang, Y. C., Backman, K. F., Backman, SJ., & Chang, L. L. (2016). Exploring the implications of virtual reality technology in tourism marketing: An integrated research framework. International Journal of Tourism Research, 18(2), 116-128.

A 360-degree video project from 3 grad students takes viewers into the lives of refugees in Germany

Tripping down a virtual rabbit hole

Video & Tools

Mozilla VR Blog

New publisher tools for 360 video

VR Journalism (Jovrnalism at USC Annenberg)

How to make 360 video (VR): Basic workflow explained



GitHub/webvr starter kit

TED Talk, The future of news? Virtual reality

Google News Lab and StoryUp VR present: A conversation on immersive storytelling

Lessons from AP’s experiments with 360-degree video and virtual reality



United Nations Virtual Reality

The resurgence of jazz in New Orleans

Project Syria: An immersive journalism experience

The Des Moines Register, Harvest of change

The New York Times, The contenders

The New York Times, Take flight

Planet Blue – a 3D-animated adventure advocating awareness of environmental issues and promoting conservation

New virtual lab improved Ford global vehicle quality

Merrell virtual hike

Budweiser delivers basketball fans the first NBA virtual reality experience